HG High Mobility Type Zaku II Ortega`s Custom (The Origin)

By Bandai

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- Finally `Following the black tertiary star` Soroibumi high mobility type Zaku II (Gaia / mash machine), Ortega machine appeared!

- High Mobility type Zaku II Ortega machine HG of. Reproduce the distinctive giant Heat Hawk along with the effects pedestal.
- Clear parts made of the effect base and dedicated stand is included. Giant in the play to wield the heat Hawk can pose with the same dynamism.
- Comes with Tetoron seal to reproduce the marking of the distinctive black triple stars.
- Heat Hawk (storage and deployment), machine gun for MS, a giant heat Hawk included.

- Accessories: Heat Hawk (development and housing), machine gun for MS, Giant Heat Hawk, effects pedestal