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Keroro Spirits Tamama Robo UC


Brand Bandai

Prototype image. Actual product may vary.
Copyright Mine Yoshizaki/Kadokawa/BNP/TV Tokyo/NAS/BV
Height: approx 約170mm.

- Keroro Gunso 20th anniversary commemorative work [Super Keroro Gunso UC fierce battle !! Keroro Robo Battle Battle] From [Tamama Robo UC] appears as a finished product action figure!

- As the second part of the [KERORO soul] Tamama Second Lady's love machine · Tamama Robo UC appeared as a finished product action figure.
- Tamama Secondary figure figures adopt soft material, reproduced in detail coloring.
- Products that are full of playfulness, such as three-stage deformation and separation of flying saucers boarded by Tamama Secondaries, etc.
- Aircraft belonging to the power type among the five Keroro platoon UC series.
- Armored armor on left and right arms, change the form depending on the mode.

- Three stage deformable gimmick
In the original, the aircraft mode is changed according to the situation of the game. Three-step deformation which is a feature as well as setting can be possible.
In Dangerous Mode, arm arms of both arms are expanded to Tamama Smart Gun and Tamama Nail. The knee part stretches and the total height becomes large.

- Flying saucer gimmick
Flying saucers boarded by Tamama Second Team are separated and united.
Customizing is possible by equipping the flying saucer with the armored armor of the robot itself.

- Armed form
Beam rifle, missile pod, armored armor TS, armored armor TN, shield etc. are attached, the equipment form can be selected according to variations and poses.

- Look at the success of me with large equipment ~.
Large equipment is included, and it is possible to reproduce the pose of a deadly sad ball.

- set content
· Main body
· Tamama Secondary Figure
· Flying saucer
Beam rifle
· Armed Armor TS
· Armed Armor TN
· Missile pod × 2
· Rear thruster unit
· Fin antenna × 2
· Two universal joints