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[Pre-Order] Metal Build Freedom Gundam Concept 2 [ETA Aug/Sep'2020]


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ETA Aug/Sep'2020
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Bandai Tamashii Robot Spirits - Metal Build Freedom Gundam Concept 2
Prototype image. Actual product may vary.
Copyright Sotsu / Sunrise
Height: approx 180mm.

-The strongest Freedom Gundam reborn with a completely different concept has come to METAL BUILD!

-[Mobile Suit Gundam SEED] [Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY] has commercialized new elements in Freedom Gundam's structure and appearance, all of which have demonstrated their unrivaled success.

-Wings of freedom to the extreme
In addition to the silhouette of the whole body, each weapon is reproduced with a new gimmick. [Silhouette with dynamism like wings] realized by new mechanism.
The Baraena Plasma Beam Beam Cannon can reproduce [Himat Full Burst], which is similar to the impression in the play, by reviewing the movable axis.

-Wings with overwhelming expressiveness
The wing on the back realizes a dynamic and voluminous silhouette with the front and rear movable axes.

-Super armament that greatly changes the silhouette
For the first time, [wing spread from the center similar to the main part of the anime] and [barrel that does not bend] are realized by an armed deployment structure different from the conventional mechanism.

-Overwhelming movement with new structure
METAL BUILD Strike Freedom Reproduced poses can be reproduced by the movable mechanism fed back from Gundam.

- set content
・ Body
・ Replacement wrist left and right each 4 types
・ Beam rifle
・ Beam saber (2 patterns, 1 linked pattern)
・ Beam saber effect × 2
・ Exclusive joint
・ Exclusive pedestal

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