MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter

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Bandai Gundam Model kit - MG Gundam Exia Dark Matter

- The jet-black Suit from Gundam Build Fighters, the Exia Dark Matter joins the Master Grade lineup!

- Standing in the way of the Sei and Reji at the world finals, this dark Gundam is a customized version of the iconic Exia Suit.
- Dark Matter Booster's transformable bird form can be separated from the main body of the Suit.
- Recreate the destruction of the Dark Matter's mask through parts replacement.
- Features both the Prominence Blade and Brinincle Blade.
- Also features beam saber parts that can be mounted on the Dark Matter Rifle.

- Accessories: Prominence Blade, Brinicle Blade, Dark Matter Rifle, Dark Matter Blade x2, Beam Saber x2, Beam Saber (Short) x2